Arranging an introduction

If you want to arrange the introduction to any lady from our database it is not necessary to register at the web site. You are always welcome to come to our office, and here you will fill up the form where you will write the information about you (briefly), like:

Your age
country and city you are from
your education
your occupation
your marital status
children (if you have ay)
your height and wight
hobbies and interest

Provide us with your photos (or we can take the photo of you here in our office.

After these we will contact the lady (call her and email the photos and info) telling about you and asking to check her mail box and see if she is interested in meeting you.

It will normally take 5 minutes to check with the lady if she is interested.

And if the lady is interested in meeting you – we will arrange the introduction (set up the date and time).

Normally you will meet in our office with the lady, here we introduce you to each other and after this you will go somewhere to have a cup of coffee and communicate (there are many coffee shops around).

If the lady does not speak English or feels that she needs an interpreter (normally these are the ladies with the levels 1, 2 and 3 of English, so please pay attention on this in the lady’s profile if it is important for you whether the lady speaks English or not)

We charge 100 USD for arranging one introduction.
If you will need the interpreter – we charge 20 USD for one hour of interpreting.



If you are not in Kiev at the moment but wants to come and meet the ladies from our database – we suggest to prepare the schedule with the meetings in advance: send us your info and photos by email and id numbers of the ladies you like (and approximate dates of your arrival). We will contact them asap and see who are interested. And with those who are – we will set up the introductions and send you the schedule with the meetings.

We require the deposit of 100 USD for preparing the introductions and schedule.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask them (by email, phone or skype) and we will be happy to answer.