Video calls

Some of our clients ask us if we know the ladies, if they are real, how do the look like (exactely like at the photos or not). Well, stop wondering if the lady is real, how does she look like etc - we have the service as video chat - we use skype for this service.

It works like this:

  1. you choose the lady at our web site;
  2. send us the information about you and the photos;
  3. tell us your plans about visiting Ukraine or not visiting it: the dates of your arrival (approximate ones) if you are going to come here; tell us the dates and time which are convenient for you to talk to skype;
  4. we check with the lady if she is intersted in you;
  5. you pay for this service on-line through our web, by western union/money gram etc;
  6. if the lady is interested we set up the skype conference (the lady comes to the office, if she does not speak english or speaks english no so good and needs the interpreter there will be our interpreter to help you to communicate).

That is all:)

If you have any questions please ask and we will be happy to answer you!



You can order this service : "Skype"

Service description: If you want to talk to the ladies before meeting with her, see how she looks like not only on the photos but in life (on-line:)) communication - this is the service for you! Choose the lady, order this service, pay for it, and tell us the dates and time which are ok for you to communicate in skype. We will contact the lady, check if she is interested in you and if she is - we will set up the date and time and approve it with you. The lady will come to the office and talk to you from here. If she needs the interpreter - our interpreter will translate. The translation is included in price. The duration of skype conference it is up to 45 minutes. Also if you like each other - you are always welcome to exchange the contact details and in future communicate directly.
Service cost: USD: 100
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